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Welcome to U.S.Nanotech!

U.S.Nanotech,Inc. core business is the development and production of intelligent coatings and cleaner based on the leading edge technology.
Our intelligent coatings meeting the highest standards of quality benefiting our customers.

Our product philosophy rests upon the principle of intensive research work combined with uncompromisingly selecting the highest possible quality of raw materials while paying great attention to environmental issues.

We work in close cooperation with a number of leading scientific institutes to ensure that the ever increasing demands, which we place on our products are met.
Based upon our steadily expanding body of proprietary knowledge, and in combination with the latest scientific discoveries in the field of nanotechnology in particular, we have been able to create functional coatings with exceptional properties and product characteristics.
Nanotechnology develop products have been on the market for general years and are being continuously improved for specific applications.

U.S.Nanotech offers products that are designed to care for almost all materials e.g., plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, wood, stone, concrete, etc.

Amongst other things, they protect, seal and reduce the amount of overall cleaning.

Using less cleaning products is environment friendly.
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